Adventures for You!

Adventures for You!

Luna Energy Adventures creates deeply enriching outdoor experiences as a medium for facilitating personal transformations. We combine the wisdom and energetic healing processes of Access Consciousness with wilderness adventure to create powerful transformational experiences.

Access Consciousness BARS and body processes are deeply relaxing, nourishing energy healing tools that facilitate dynamic change in all areas of life. These are utilized as separate energy healing sessions or incorporated into exciting wilderness adventures.

best friend, adventure companion and experiential life guide
Luna, Siberian Husky – 13th Birthday – Sneffels Peak

Custom package services are designed specifically for individuals or groups, from 1.5 hrs to multi-day adventures. Hiking, biking, skiing and more are on the menu and catered to the level-of-adventure you desire.

Luna Energy Adventures is also available to enhance wilderness experiences in partnership with outdoor guiding businesses, retreats, environmental projects, or other ventures focused on enhancing environmental preservation or consciousness.