Reflections on Luna’s last moments

Reflections on Luna’s last moments


San Juan Mountain snow
Luna loving an Ophir, CO snowstorm – 2015

Happy New Year 2017!! As I drove across Colorado on New Year’s Eve, coming home to Ophir… memories of 2016 whirled through my head. It was a year of The Hermit (according to my dear intuitive friend Venus at, which for me meant spending much more time alone, committing much less time to others socially, while focusing on caring for Luna and myself through a difficult, emotionally- & physically-challenging time. Through it all I learned even more about myself, became more in tune with the Earth, and more aware of my path here in this lifetime, generating the momentum for Luna Energy Adventures.

The memory that most vividly replayed in my mind was of Luna’s last moments – she gifted me an experience that I will never forget… and I’m coming to realize is meant to be shared with others, despite how intimately close to my heart I hold it. I’ve never been with a being who transitioned from this life to another, so I don’t know others have this experience or if it’s normal, but I know it was extraordinary and powerful. During those last seconds, she opened her eyes and looked intently into my eyes, locking my gaze with hers. In her intense blue eyes, that over the years had gone from fierce & fiery to wise and peaceful, I watched her spirit gather in her pupils, lighting them up a bright green – the color of that flash of light that happens as the sun sets it’s last rays into an ocean sunset – and then in an instant, the light and her spirit flashed away – gone to another realm of which I believe in and yet only imagine… where she is an intangible but potent energy, always surrounding me and continuing to share her playfulness with the Earth, and yet also completely one with the Universe and all of space and time. I sensed it as a promise of our eternal connection, the energetic connection of oneness that we all share, and a promise that her “death” was only a transition from a body that was no longer functioning for her in this lifetime, into the eternal existence of spirit that could once again choose to be a playful puppy on Earth, running through the mountains and playing in the snow.

Even though the memory brings tears, it also brings smiles and joyful thoughts of awareness that there is so much more to this Universe and life than I can imagine in my little brain. I think of that bright light of her spirit daily, reminding myself of the magic and wonder of our existence… and of the possibilities that this magic unknown holds. It motivates me to get up, get outside, have fun with friends and family, and generate this new business… sharing and contributing to this world. As we transition into this new year of “The Magician” (also written about at, I wonder what possibilities exist for this year and the future beyond our wildest imaginations? What can we create together, if we all shine our individual lights brightly, contributing ourselves to the greater good, living every day in grateful appreciation and wondrous creation?

Luna set the example for me of how to live unabashedly, expressing herself to everyone, and fully experiencing every moment. I will soon begin sharing some of these gems of Luna wisdom… just for fun and for whatever possible contribution they may be to you.

May this year be full of light and love and joyous creation for all!!!

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