Pet Energy Healing

Pet Energy Healing

Luna, Siberian husky - 15 years old in Ophir, CO
Luna, Siberian husky – adventure companion and guide – Fall, 2016 at 15 years

Pet Energy Healing– Access Consciousness body processes are extremely quick and effective on pets.  For injuries, sicknesses, effects of aging, recovery from surgeries, or simply to preserve the youthful vitality of your beloved animal companion.  Simple, gentle, hands-on processes provide an extra boost of healing energy to assist with any ailment your pet may be suffering.

Luna, my personal furry companion, recently transitioned over to the spirit world.  For the last 1 & 1/2 years, she struggled from the leftover effects of lyme disease – a weak immune system and arthritis that comes and goes in waves.  In addition to all the benefits of modern veterinary medicine, special food, Chinese herbs and acupuncture, I gave her daily 15 minute Access Body Processes, that provided noticeable relief and healing.  I’m grateful for these tools to facilitate energetic healing, as they provided comfort and added time to her journey here on Earth.

This past summer, I also had several unexpected scenarios of being immediately on-hand when an animal was injured or needed immediate attention.  Each time, I found myself instinctively running an energy healing process on the injured animal, while also assessing its injuries when needed.  I noticed the energy processes had an evident calming effect, while also boosting the animal’s healing capacity.

When considering my instinctive actions during these situations and knowing my lifelong deep affection for animals, I decided to add energy healing processes for pets to the services of Luna Energy Adventures.  Contact me to set up an appointment for your beloved animal companion!

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